Thursday, December 30, 2010


by Eric J. Krause

"Frilly Frillbrast here for North Pole Elf Television interviewing the head of the Toy Department, Tolly Tollbrilly. How are you today, Mr. Tollbrilly?"

"Call me Tolly. And I have to say how excited I am to be on NPETV. It's always on in the workshop."

"I'm delighted to hear that. Hopefully more departments will follow suit. The reason I'm here with Mr. Toll . . . excuse me, Tolly, is that the big announcement came down just a few hours ago. This year the Toy Department pulled down the big award: Department of the Season. How does that make you and your crew feel?"

"We're still stunned, Frilly. All we want is for everything to run smooth for the big night. We know we're the ones who not only have to be done with our products first, but we have to be on our toes for the last minute nice list converts."

"Excellent. This is the first win for the Toy Department in quite a number of years, is it not, Mr. Toll . . . excuse me, Tolly?"

"Sure is, Frilly. I don't think there are words enough to describe how ultra-excited we all are."

"In a related note, this is your first year as the head of the Toy Department."

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean anything. We wouldn't be anywhere without the hardworking group I have in there. I just made sure they were motivated with plenty of milk and cookies."

"Milk and cookies?"

"Yes, sir, Frilly. Everyday I'd set a goal. If we achieved it, milk and cookie party for everyone. That's what kept us in the game."

"As the star reporter for North Pole Elf Television, I'm often in the trenches, so to speak, and I have to say I've noticed most departments doing this. How did it happen to work so well for your group?"

"I made sure our goal didn't stay stagnant. If I noticed moral dipping, the goal would drop to a level I knew we couldn't miss. If I saw a bunch of swelled ears in there, it would rise to an almost impossible level. Funny thing is, that group in there is such a well-oiled machine that more often than not they'd hit that inflated mark. Those were the days I went home with tears in my eyes. No department head should be blessed with such elves."

"Wow, sounds like you might have a dynasty on your hands. You might not get the trophy back anytime soon, Master List Department. So there you have it, folks. I want to thank the head of the Toy Department, Tolly Tollbrilly, for joining us today. From all of us at North Poll Elf Television, Mr. Toll . . . excuse me again, Tolly, we'd like to thank you for the interview."

"My pleasure, Frilly. Can I give just a couple of shout outs?"


"All my elves are all-stars, but I just want to thank my three MVPs: Milly Milbrinker, Doddy Doddbist, and Ochy Ochvibint. Any time I, or anybody else on the team, needed anything, they were right there to get it."

"Fantastic! For Mr. Tolly Tollbrilly, this is Frilly Frillbrast signing off. Have a fantastic night, North Pole."