Monday, May 14, 2012

Free Download of Ghost Betweens

Today and tomorrow (Monday, May 14 and Tuesday, May 15), you can get the Kindle edition of Ghost Betweens free at Amazon. Click here to go to the page. I'd be thrilled if you not only read it, but also hopped back over to that page when you finished to write a review on Amazon.

Ghost Betweens is for ages 14+ in my opinion. It's just as much for adults as high school students, so don't let the YA tag fool you if you don't have teens in your life. Give it a read!

And you can always still get the paperback if you enjoy it and want to share the book with someone who doesn't have a Kindle. Click here for the paperback edition.

Of course not everyone has a Kindle, but you can get a Kindle Reader app for your Apple product, smartphone, and/or your computer. Click here to go to that page. I've used the app for my iPod Touch, and it works great! So you have plenty of opportunity to read my Young Adult Paranormal Adventure/Romance, Ghost Betweens. Give it a shot! (And if you like it, make sure you tell your friends!)