Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Keyword Tags and Reviews on Amazon

Today I want to ask for a favor. But don't worry, if you do me a favor, I will return in kind. I'd like some help in marketing my Young Adult Paranormal novel, Ghost Betweens. If you could click on the title, it'll take you to the appropriate page on Amazon. If you scroll down below the reviews, you'll see a section called "Tags Customers Associate with This Product." Here's where the favor comes in. Even if you haven't read it, can you check the boxes next to the tags? And if you have read it, and if you think there are some other tags that apply, feel free to create those new ones. All of this will help customers find my book.

Another way to help me sell the book is by posting a review for it. If you've read the book, I'd be delighted if you left a review on my Ghost Betweens site on Amazon. Even if it's just two or three lines, that's quite helpful. Please leave an honest review (though, of course, I'm hoping it will be positive!). And if you don't have a copy of the book yet, I'll be releasing it for free for the Kindle starting tomorrow, June 28, until Saturday, June 30. Download a copy, give it a read, and give me a review! If you don't have a Kindle, you can turn most any device into one with a free Kindle Reader App.

At the beginning of this post, I did promise I would return the favor. If you check the tags on Ghost Betweens, in the comment section below, leave me a link to your book on Amazon, and I will gladly check the tags for you. This way, we both get that little bit extra help in marketing our books. Remember, readers like to use keywords when searching for something to read on Amazon, so this will help. And if you pick up a free copy of Ghost Betweens and leave an honest review, I will gladly read your book and leave a review. Remember, positive reviews help sell books, and I'm confident enough in my story that if you enjoy YA Paranormal books, I think you'll get a kick out of Ghost Betweens.

If you do leave a review for me on Amazon, please let me know in the comments below, message me in Twitter (@ericjkrause), or find me on Facebook (The Fictional World of Eric J. Krause). Give me the link to your book on Amazon, and when you plan on promoting it for free so I can download a copy. I'll put your book at the top of my "to-read" list and I'll leave a review for you on Amazon. All sound good? You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours. We Indie Authors need to stick together, right?