Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pictures of the Xtreme Mud Run

Click here to read the write up about the run

The opening few seconds of the race. I'm out in front.
 My big lead. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

 Crawling through the mud underneath barbed wire.
 Exiting a muddy pond.
 Another view of a muddy pond exit. There is no traction getting out of that!
 The log was so low I had to get my face wet.
 At least I'm having fun, right?
Approaching the final obstacle.
 Here I still think I can do it.
 I'm beginning to realize there might be a problem.
 A few seconds after I crashed to the mud and lost my shoe.
Almost done!
 You can pretty clearly see my shoe in my hand in this one ...
Just a bit muddy.
 Another view of the mud caked on me.
 My uncle had to shake my hand after that.
 My wife, on the other hand, wouldn't get any closer to me than this.
Finally time to clean off. Just have to wait in line with the other finishers.