Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tumblr Posts

This isn't really any kind of post other than one to hold me accountable. A month or two back, I said I'd be using my Tumblr account to post reviews of short stories in free webzines. I did three such posts but have since slacked off a bit. I'll be honest, lately I've become a bit disappointed in social media. I've posted various things I thought would at least start a conversation or two, but instead received no feedback at all. It bothered me, made me feel like I was completely invisible, but I've since gotten over it. I enjoy posting things, and even if no one is paying attention, I'll keep doing so.

(The funny thing is that in the last week or two, I've seen almost a dozen people tweeting in one form or another that they feel ignored, too. Twitter can certainly be a hive-mind at times. Personally, I'd like to see a "like" function or button on Twitter so people can easily acknowledge posts they, well, like. I know some use the "favorite" function for that, but I don't like to do that because I use that to keep posts I want to read later handy. Retweeting also works the same way, but sometimes it's too out of context to retweet something, or not something you want to retweet anyway, but it made you laugh in the moment. A quick like would acknowledge that the post made you smile, was helpful, or something else. Just a thought. Now back to the post about Tumblr!)

So what's my point in this post? Like I said, basically it's just to make myself accountable. I'm going to get back to posting reviews of free short stories once or twice a week. And beyond that, I'm making it a goal to post at least one miscellaneous thing a day on Tumblr, be it the short story review, a movie or book review, a link I found amusing, or simply a joke or humorous story that is too long for Twitter. Maybe no one will see these or care, but maybe I'm wrong, and a few people will get a bit of enjoyment from them. Right now all I care about is that I'm having fun with it. Hopefully my passion will radiate out.

I've already started, so if you want to go check out my Tumblr page, it's here. If you decide to visit, I hope you enjoy your stay! (And, by the way, if you follow me, I'll follow you back.)