Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Upcoming Giveaway: Which Book Would You Like?

Next Wednesday (July 24) I'll announce my next book giveaway. I'm going to give one lucky winner of a random drawing either a paperback copy of my YA Paranormal Adventure, Ghost Betweens, or I'll gift someone a Kindle copy of my newest book, Dragon Guard. 

My question to you, my fine online friends, is which would you prefer this time around? Basically, I'm taking requests. You can vote here on the blog in the comment section or by telling me on Twitter: @ericjkrause (throw me a mention with which one you'd like).

Again, your choices are: A paperback copy of Ghost Betweens or a Kindle e-book of Dragon Guard (which I will send to you using the gift option on Amazon). If your choice doesn't win, don't despair; I'll give the other one away at a later date. So get voting, either in the comments below or on Twitter (you can throw me a mention or send a direct message, whichever you prefer). Next Wednesday, I'll open up the contest with which one I'm giving away. See you then!