Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My List of Published Stories

I decided, in honor of my short story which was published earlier this week, I'd create a blog post this week to showcase my writing. More specifically, a post that lists all of my published work that can be found online. I hope you enjoy looking through these stories, and I would love to read your comments on one or more of them. Enjoy!
(I have plenty of others which have been published online, but the places they were published - be it the page to the story itself or the online 'zine - no longer exist.)

The Girl on the Wall: This is from the webzine, The Were-Traveler. This issue's title was The Realms of Death, so you can probably guess death was the theme of the issue, and my story, obviously.

Reese Copy Company :  This is from the website It's a ghostly horror story about a man who has a strange run-in with a copy machine in an abandoned warehouse.

Special Order : This one is available in the Fantasy section of the e-zine It's a modern fantasy/horror tale that takes place in a restaurant that offers unique menu items.

Weeds and Dead Flowers : This one appeared on the website, Escape into Life in April 2011. It's a horror story about a woman finding three young girls in a local graveyard.

The Highest Stakes (Find the Audio Version here) : This one won a writing challenge posted to me by Neil Colquhoun. He challenged me to write a story about all of the numbers on a roulette wheel adding up to 666. He wrote one, too, and put up a poll for people to vote. My story won, and Neil rewarded me by podcasting it. Give it a listen. Neil did a great job with the read!

Twelve Drummers Drumming : This appeared on Christmas Day in the online anthology, 12 Days 2010. This story shows how Santa recruits his elves.

The Clown Killer : This one appeared as the Halloween Day post of the 13 Days of Horror, the 13th story. An amateur ghost hunter eggs on a dangerous ghost...with disastrous consequences.

The Eye : This one appeared in the Special Halloween edition of Dark Movements. Something weird is going on in the house across the street. The problem is no one believes it but him.

Trapped Under Ice : This one is on the Tuesday, July 20th blog post of At the Bijou. It at first appears to be just a horrible bit of bad luck, but you'll have to read through to the end to see if it stays that way.

Fast Food Zombies : This one appears in the March 2010 issue of Aphelion Magazine. Just as the title suggests, it's about humongous zombies who terrorize fast food joints, and one college students adventure in escaping an attack.

The Pit : This St. Patrick's Day horror story is available in the UnLuck of the Irish Anthology on page 18. It's a short story about a man who's trapped after chasing something--something he doesn't even know about.

Between the Strobes : This flash fiction story is in Deadly Love, Be Mine Valentine's Day Anthology on page 20. It's different from my other stories in that I wrote it in 2nd person POV. I normally don't like to write in this style because I don't usually like to read 2nd person stories. It worked for this one, though, and I hope you agree with me.

The Bird : This flash fiction story was published in the January 5th edition of The New Flesh. It's a horror story about a very strange bird who terrorizes a mother and her daughter. Or does it?

Scream Time : This flash fiction horror story was published in the ezine, The New Flesh. It's a horror story about how a newly-reinstated tradition at a college goes terribly wrong for one girl.

Find the Flag : This comes from Dark Fire Fiction. It's a horror story about a group of teen age boys who play a capture the flag type game in an abandoned mansion.

Three Seconds : This one is a young adult story about the last few seconds of a high school football game. It's special because it's a podcast story, so you'll need speakers to "read" it. If you'd prefer to listen to it on iTunes, search "YA Literature Review" and download "Story Corner: Three Seconds." One funny thing about this piece is that the name I give the main character's school was a made up high school when I wrote it, but it became an actual one this year. Funny coincidence!

Village of the Dragons : This one is pure fantasy. It has a bard, a wizard, a dragon, and a young boy who learns he has magical powers, all set in a fantasy setting. I'm proud of all my stories, but I really like this one.

Red Rose on White : This is probably the only story I've had published that you could classify as "mainstream" or "contemporary" or whatever non-genre label you want to put on it. It's a simple story about a quilt square. And imagination.

Children of the Mall : This one is a ghost story. I wrote it to just be a goofy little story, more comedy than horrific events, but I suppose if you really look at the characters it is a pretty depressing story. I had fun writing this one. I guess that speaks volumes about me, huh?

The Door to Nothing : This one never says what genre it belongs to, just that it is a work of speculative fiction. You can decide for yourself whether it is fantasy, science fiction, or something else. I enjoy writing stories that, while they have a beginning, middle, and end (at least I hope), are very ambiguous and let the reader decide for themselves what is going on. I make sure when I write such stories they are very short, like this one, because it's not fair to make a reader comb through thousands of words to end up with ambiguity. With a quick story (usually referred to as flash fiction), though, I think it's fun.

1-800-FUN-TALK : This comes from the February 2008 issue of Down in the Dirt. This one is a horror story about a woman who tries a party line for the first time.

Battle Scars : This comes from the November 2007 issue of Down in the Dirt. It is a science fiction tale about a clone with a soul all his own.

Soul Traveler : This comes from the January 2007 issue of Down in the Dirt. It's about a man who is given a chance to explore the universe, but he must give up his life on Earth.

I also placed 5th in a Halloween writing contest on a Twitter horror-zine called Tweet the Meat. I don't believe there is a link to the story, but I'll just print it here, since it is only 13 words: "She grinned and hummed along with her favorite tune: bonesaw with no anesthesia."

There you go. I do have a number of others that have been published, but one is in a print magazine, and the others no longer exists online. I hope you enjoy reading through these stories that are still available, and please leave me some comments. I'd love to hear what you think. Until next time, keep reading and/or writing.