Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Stories Pt. 2

Here comes four more of my stories. I figured I'd make them all horror stories in this update: two ghost stories, one adventure story, and one that I'll classify as straight horror.

Graves of Chance : This one is what I would classify as an adventure/horror story. The main character isn't really Indiana Jones-worthy, but he gets the job done. I enjoyed writing this one, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Dagger of the Dread King : This is the one that I'd classify as straight horror, though you may disagree with me. Instead of the Dread King, I'd originally said it was Merlin's dagger. Someone read it (I believe it was my mom) and said they didn't quite get the story because they didn't view Merlin as evil. I agreed and created the fictional Dread King. I think it works much better that way. This story came from my love of looking at the ornimental swords you see in catalogs and specialty shops.

Children of the Mall : This one is a ghost story. I wrote it to just be a goofy little story, more comedy than horrific events, but I suppose if you really look at the characters it is a pretty depressing story. I had fun writing this one. I guess that speaks volumes about me, huh?

Playin' the Blues : Here is another ghost story. This one has a bit more of the classic horror elements of a ghost story. I brought my love for the electric guitar into this one. Though my real love is heavy metal and hard rock, there is something magical about a blues axeman. This story didn't flow as easy as some, but once I cleaned it up a bit, I think it's one of my better stories.

I have four more left to post, but I'll save them for next time. I hope you enjoy these four, as well as the four from part one. Until next time... (still looking for a snazy sign off line--I'll get one sooner or later).