Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2 Short Story Reviews

I want to highlight two short stories I read this week that I enjoyed. Both are from The Absent Willow Review, an online speculative fiction magazine that I check out every new issue, which I believe is about every two or three weeks. One of my short stories, Planetary Fear, is in the December 16, 2008 issue. Both of these stories are from the July 15, 2009 issue, which, as of this post, is the newest.

The first story is called Claims, by Timothy P. Remp and Peggy McFarland. It's a story about an insurance investigator who must travel to Mars to discover the truth about some missing robots that a farmer has a claim in for. I found this a neat story to read simply because of the descriptions of the vast wastelands of Mars. The mysteries of the story tied into the insurance investigator's past, and made for an excellent read.

The second story is called The Binder, by Derek Ivan Webster. This one is about a monster in the form of a binder. I thought this one was a fun little read with a nice climax to the tale being told. It also gave an open ending, which I always find entertaining, not because I expect a sequel, but simply because the tale begs the reader to use his or her imagination to decipher what happens next.

I'm not really interested in giving detailed reviews, but just in making short stories that I enjoy visible and available for others to read. I enjoy reading and writing speculitive fiction short stories, so I decided that I'll occasionally give the links to some. I hope you enjoy them. Until next time, keep reading and/or writing.