Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fear (or Writer's Block)

One thing writer's always must fight against is fear. It strikes different writers in different ways. Some writers might fear the blank page. They're afraid that as they stare at it, a little paper monster will pop right out and bite them on the nose. No, no, I kid (though that'd make a pretty cool story). They're afraid that if they start writing on that blank page, the words won't be profound, won't be interesting, won't be salable. As soon as they start marking up the page (or typing words on the screen), the masterpiece that could have gone there will now no longer be able to ever fill that spot. Some people never become writers because of that fear.

Some writers might fear ridicule. When someone else reads their heart-felt laughter will greet the author, squashing the very soul of the author. For that reason, words might not make it out, or if they do, the work itself might never leave the would-be author's possession.

Some writers, on the other hand, might fear success. If this work comes out great, another will be expected that should be better than the first. People will want a piece of the author. Fame will surely follow. Is it all worth it?

Fear is a part of everyone, and writers have their own special cases. If the words build up into you, and you won't be happy unless you can release them, you must ignore the fear. Turn off your inner critic and write. No one has to see these words until you're ready for them to. When facing a blank page, you're still a long way off from needing your inner critic. Your muse is the one you should be listening to. Is it difficult to fight through your fears? Absolutely. Is it impossible? Not on your life!

What fears have you had that made your writing feel miserable at times? How did you work through it? Or are you still fighting those demons? If you'd like to share, please leave a comment! Until next time, keep reading and/or writing.