Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 Short Stories to Listen To

This week I have three short stories for you to listen to. They come from three different podcasts: PodCastle, PseudoPod, and The Drabblecast. To listen, you can either follow the links I have below, or download them on iTunes (my preferred method). Simply search for the podcast, and then download the episode. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I did!

The first comes from the fantasy fiction podcast, PodCastle. It's called The Queen's Triplets by Israel Zangwill. It's an old story, published in the late 1800s, but it's a fun one to listen to. It reads like a fable, which, in a way, it may just be. I enjoyed the colorful language and the narrator did a great job with it.

The next story comes from the horror podcast, PsuedoPod. It's Fading
Light by Simon Strantzas
. This is a bleak ghost story centered around two poor guys who can't get over being dumped by their girlfriends--the narrator from five years prior. He helps his recently dumped buddy find a place to rent, but the place turns out to be haunted.

The final story of the week comes from The Drabblecast. It's called Cassie
by Tim Pratt
. This story is worth a listen all on its own, but there is also a drabble (a story of exactly 100 words) and a humorous talk of the Rock, Paper, Scissors World-Wide Organization that make this entire episode a great listen.

I hope you enjoy these three stories as much as I did. As I say every week, I'm getting nothing from anybody for showcasing these stories. They simply entertained me, and I wanted to point them out so others can enjoy them, as well. Until next week, keep reading and/or writing.