Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 Short Stories to Listen To

This week I have a story from the podcasts EscapePod and PodCastle. You can find them via the links I have listed below, or you can head over to iTunes, search the podcasts, and download the episodes (those are listed below, too). As always, I'm getting nothing from the podcasts or the authors for highlighting these links; I simply enjoyed the stories and wanted to share. I hope you like them as much as I did.

The first story comes from EscapePod. It is Ep. 242: The Love Quest of Smidgen the Snack Cake by Robert T. Jeschonek. This one is hilariously racy because all of the sexual heat is coming from a snack cake who wants an overweight woman to eat it. It goes dark near the end, and then picks up the humor again.

The second story is from PodCastle. This one's a short one--you can listen to it in under ten minutes. It's PodCastle Miniature 47: Chinatown by Greg Van Eekhout. It's basically a man's quest for the perfect workday lunch hangout, and the extraordinary places he finds.

I hope you enjoy both of these stories. Have fun with them. Until next time, keep reading and/or writing.