Monday, June 9, 2014

Bound Souls Description

As I said last week, I plan on releasing my next book, Bound Souls, on Tuesday, July 1st. It's a supernatural horror/romance book (or, maybe more appropriately, a supernatural romance/horror book). Today I'd like to share a quick synopsis/description of the novel, which clocks in right around 80,000 words. This is mostly a first draft of the description, but it will likely be pretty close to this when it goes live on Amazon. And, yes, it will only be available on Amazon for the e-book, and Create Space/Amazon for the paperback. That may change in the future, but for now I'm going to take advantage of the Amazon KDP Select program. I'm shooting to reveal the cover next week, but I don't have a definite time-table set for that. Anyway, I hope the description tickles your imagination.

by Eric J. Krause

When 36 year old Aaron Welch lost his wife, Jenna, and his infant son, Zach, five years prior, he figured he'd never again find love. So when he falls head-over-heels for 18 year old Hannah Bailey -- at first glance, no less -- he's not quite sure what to make of the situation. She may be half his age, but she feels as perfect as only Jenna ever had, physically and, more importantly, spiritually. Not only does he not understand how this could happen with a girl so young, but after Jenna, how it could happen at all.

To complicate matters further, two ghosts emerge in their lives -- a jealous Jenna and, much more scary and dangerous, an evil presence intent on destroying all three of them. Everything, from Hannah, to Jenna, to the evil entity, baffles Aaron beyond belief until he learns of a person, a soul witch, who very well could hold the answers to not only his intense attraction to Hannah and how to best help Jenna, but also how to destroy the evil entity.

But is it too powerful to be defeated?

 I'd love to hear any thoughts on this short description!