Thursday, June 5, 2014

Next Book

Earlier today I teased a bit on Twitter (and a 2nd tweet) and Tumblr that my next book, this one a supernatural horror story called Bound Souls, is coming soon. This one will be my first novel aimed at a more adult audience, as opposed to the three YA novels I've put out. (Check over to the right if you're interested in any of those.) I've decided I'm shooting for Monday, June 30th or Tuesday, July 2nd to release it. That's the beginning of a holiday week here in the US, but I'm hoping that may work in my favor, as people will want new reads for the upcoming long Fourth of July weekend.

I don't yet have much detail for you as of yet, but I'll have plenty in the weeks leading up to the release. I'll reveal the cover, the "back of book" plot summary, and a few free sample chapters. (I'm not sure how many at this point, but it'll be at least five and maybe up to ten of the thirty-three chapter book.) So stay tuned! I'll post here, on Twitter, and Tumblr. I know I'll be publishing it on Amazon as both an e-book and paperback, and I may release it in Smashwords, which should place it in other markets, though I'm not sure yet. I'll announce that, as well, when I've made a decision.

So stay tuned! Exciting times ahead! Thanks for reading.