Thursday, April 8, 2010

#fridayflash--Wedding Night Blues

Wedding Night Blues
by Eric J. Krause

I get high-fives, winks, nudges, and blushes. Laughs--from snickers to the tawdry type--always follow. It's funny what a simple statement like, "We spent our wedding night in the emergency room" will bring. Especially when followed by, "Because of what happened in the bedroom."

Not everyone gets the full story. In fact, most don't. Why should they? The imagination goes to places that would never be possible. Who am I to disappoint?

Think about it. If I admit to anything less than wrenching my back while executing some kinky move with my wife, you'd be disappointed. I know I would be.

What difference does it make if I twisted my knee taking my pants off? Not to consummate my marriage, but to take a quick shower. If I leave that little detail out, I'm a legend. Keep it in?

Heh. Not so much.