Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2 Short Stories to Listen To

This week I decided to list two stories on podcasts. Check them out at the links I give for each story, or go to iTunes and search the name of the podcasts and find the episode for each. They're entertaining stories, and well worth the listen.

The first story is Ep. 176: The Blessed Days by Mike Allen from the horror podcast PsuedoPod. This one is pretty bloody, with the premise being that every time anyone falls asleep, they wake up covered from head to toe in their own blood. They're not hurt, but the blood seeps out of their pores at each sleep. The main character has learned how to control his dreams using the power of lucid dreams, but ever since the blood has come, no one, including him, can remember dreaming. The real weirdness (and violence) happens when the dreams start up again for him. Be warned, this is a pretty violent story, not for the squeamish, and I'm not even talking about the blood that drips from people each night. I enjoyed it though, so if you don't mind horror, give this one a listen.

The second story this week comes from the podcast, The Drabblecast. It is Ep. 146: Teddy Bears and Tea Parties by S. Boyd Taylor. This is a very strange, somewhat disturbing story about when the magic returns to the world, animating everything. It features killer teddy bears who bleed tasty jelly blood, from concord grape, to strawberry, to apple. A little girl must survive the new world where everything needs to eat by killing teddy bears so she can thrive on their blood. I recommend this on simply because it's so darn strange. Give it a listen!

I hope you get a chance to check one or both of these stories out. As usual, I'm getting nothing from either podcast or author or anyone to give these story links out. I'm doing it because I enjoyed the stories and would like to pass them along. Enjoy them, and until next time, keep reading and/or writing!