Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Writing--June 21-27

For this week, Monday, June 21 through Sunday, June 27, my main focus is going to be on my current novel. I'm just about done with the first draft, and I'm hoping to finish this week. My goal for the week is 10,000 words, which should get it done. I'm not going to hurry it, though, so if I find some neat tangent to take my story on, I'll follow it. I'm more worried about writing the 10K words and doing a good job than rushing to finish the story.

I'll also be working on a first draft of a flash story that I plan to use in two weeks for the Fourth of July weekend here in the states--Yes, I know it's the July 4th weekend everywhere, but it's a big deal here. ;-) I'll also be choosing which flash fiction draft I want to clean up for this week's #fridayflash.

As for this here blog, I'm going to be in my new schedule, which I hope I keep for awhile. I may even add more content, but for now, I'm happy with four postings a week.

Blog Schedule:

Monday: Speculative Fiction Writing Prompt #22: This one will likely be a fantasy prompt. Check back at some point tomorrow to find out what it is. I'll either have it up before 9AM Pacific Daylight Time, or sometime in the afternoon (Pacific time).

Wednesday: I'll have the links to two short stories that are currently available to read for free on two different ezines (one might be from a podcast--not sure yet). I won't be doing a review of the stories, per say, but mainly giving a couple of sentences about why I liked the stories. I'll, of course, also be supplying the link so you can check it out, too. Spreading online reading material is my goal here.

Friday: Fridays, of course, are for #fridayflash. As I said earlier, I'm not sure what you'll be seeing from me this week, but I'll do my best to make sure it's a winner. It'll likely be posted on late Thursday night (Pacific time).

Sunday: You'll see another one of these posts about what I'm working on next week.

That's it for this post. You get a tiny glimpse into my writing life with it, and I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time (tomorrow with the writing prompt), keep reading and/or writing!