Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Writing--June28-July 4

So I finished my novel early in the week, opening up some time to write other things. I wrote a flash fiction story about a birthday for one writing contest, and I'm currently working on a flash about zombie romance for another. I viewed last week as successful.

This coming week, I plan on writing an adult horror story that I hope will turn out to be of novella length (25,000 words or so), but I have no clue what the final outcome will be, lengthwise. The plan is to go without an outline, something I don't normally do for longer works, so it'll be interesting to see how it goes. I'm giving myself the same word count goal as last week--10,000 words--but I don't know if I'll meet it or not. With no outline, I may be sitting at the computer thinking about what comes next, so the words might not flow as freely. We'll see. Personally, I'm interested in how it'll all come out myself.

I also plan to get my completed YA (Young Adult) novel out to a couple of more agents. I'll hopefully also have time to submit some short fiction to various magazines. I have a few I like that are currently sitting on the hard drive twiddling their thumbs.

As for the blog, the schedule is the same as last week:

Monday: Speculative Fiction Writing Prompt #23. I have no idea at this time what it'll be, but hopefully some people out there will find it helpful no matter what it is.

Wednesday: Two short story recommendations. I have one read and ready. It's from the podcast PsuedoPod. I may do another podcast story since I have a few backed up on my iPod and make it the Wednesday of podcast stories. You'll see what my final decision is on Wednesday.

Friday: #fridayflash. I have my fingers crossed that I'll finish my zombie romance story and post that, though I see the contest runs until July 10th, so if I'm not pleased with how it's polished, I may hold onto it until the following week. I have other stories backed up that I can polish up and publish if need be. I'm sure (hopefully!) readers will enjoy whatever story I end up posting.

Sunday: Another one of these posts to keep me honest.

That's what I hope to accomplish next week. I hope you enjoyed this insight into my writing life, and until next time, keep reading and/or writing!