Sunday, January 8, 2012

This Week: Back and Forward (1)

This past week, I wanted to write 5000 words, as well as be more of a presence on social media sites. I did not hit my weekly word goal, but, honestly, I didn't expect to. I basically took December off from writing (part of the reason why will be addressed in this week's coming blog post; look for it on Wednesday), so I didn't expect the words to flow. That's okay. I knew it going in, and I also know I'll make up for it over the course of the year. As for my social media presence, I feel I did fine. I've been on Twitter quite a bit, and I feel like I've reconnected with some people I've largely lost track of in the past several months, as well as meeting some nice new people. I also posted daily on my Facebook author site, something I've decided to keep up throughout the year. Some days will be me pointing out links to this blog or other type things, while other days will be quick writing tips. I also plan to post exercise and nutrition tips, since this is often (from listening to complaints by writers on Twitter and Facebook) that many of us can use reminders of every once in a while. I feel I'm qualified enough to make these occasional tips--I lost 60 pounds last year, dropping my pants size from a 44 to a 34. So these exercise and nutrition tips are proven to work!

This next week I pretty much have the same writing goals. 5000 words and keeping a strong profile on Twitter and Facebook (Google+ needs to be addressed, too, but not sure if that'll be this week or not). I will be getting back into writing the first draft of a middle grade novel I started last year, so hopefully that'll pile up the words. If you're looking forward to my blog posts, I'll have a new Speculative Fiction Writing Prompt on Monday, and a post on Wednesday about why I didn't write in December. There will likely be no Friday Flash story on Friday as I don't think I'm going to carve out the time that weekend to read the story of other authors, and I dislike posting my own story if I can't read others.

That's a look back at last week and a look forward at this coming one. I'll be posting these updates each Sunday to keep myself honest.