Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Week: Back and Forward (4)

This week was a nice writing week. I wrote 5868 words, much of it on my middle-grade time travel work in progress, and I'm pretty happy with the progress of that manuscript. I didn't post a Friday Flash because the story I wrote turned out to be a little longer than 1000 words and it was a bit too graphic for what I consider appropriate for Friday Flash. But that's fine; I plan on revising it and sending it out to e-mags and such. Also this week I received a bit of good news on the short story front. One of my stories, "Special Order," has been picked up by the online magazine, You can bet I'll post more about that when it goes live. Sounds like it can happen within the next month, though I was only given a vague date with a promise they'd email me. Either way, it's exciting news for me.

This next week I plan on, of course, writing my 5000 words. That will include a new flash for Friday Flash, as well as a good chunk of the middle-grade novel. I may even be able to finish the first draft this week, which would be nice. Tomorrow (Monday), look for the next Speculative Fiction Writing Prompt, which will be number 91. I already have a blog post written, and I'll post that on Wednesday. It's about my new writing session and how it helps me get words on the page when I sit down at my desk. Maybe it can help you, too.

That's it on the writing front for now. I'll, of course, be around on Twitter and Facebook, so if you need or want anything from me, feel free to hit me up on either of those. Have a great week!