Sunday, February 12, 2012

This Week: Back and Forward (6)

Didn't hit my 5000 words (missed by a couple hundred), but that's okay for this week because I finished the first draft of my middle grade time travel book. After I finished it, instead of jumping right into something else and writing, I took some time to do a little plotting for future projects. Doesn't show up in the current word count, but it's productive nonetheless, so I'm fine with what I did this week. I did start working on a manuscript I abandoned last summer, though, so I'll be writing plenty in the coming weeks. I wasn't happy where that one was going, but I figured out a way to fix it so I'm excited about the story again. If I don't hit 5K this week, I'll be upset with myself, but that should be no problem.

Monday will have a new Speculative Fiction Writing Prompt. Wednesday will be a new blog post. As with last week, I have no idea what it'll be yet, but no worries--it'll get done. I'll have a Friday Flash this week, so look for that late Thursday night. Other than that, I'll be working on the draft I restarted, so I'm sure I'll have a productive week. I hope everyone else has a productive week as well! Happy writing!